What is SwissDLT?

SwissDLT is a unique, low-power blockchain operated by a consortium of Swiss companies and organizations. It enables secure and decentralized data management for Swiss companies and is hosted exclusively in highly secure Tier 4 data centers on Swiss soil.

Why SwissDLT?

Blockchain offers numerous advantages that are particularly important for Swiss companies. SwissDLT ensures that legal security, Swissness, stability, throughput guarantee and predictable pricing are guaranteed - essential factors for business continuity and growth.

Who is behind SwissDLT?

SwissDLT was initiated Blockchain Trust Solutions AG. The SwissDLT network is run and operatad by Swiss SME. This partnership combines the expertise and experience from different industries to create a custom-fit solution for the Swiss economy. There are archive nodes that store all transactions and signer nodes that sign transactions before they are stored.

Where is SwissDLT hosted?

The SwissDLT blockchain is hosted exclusively in Swiss Tier 4 data centers. This ensures an extremely high level of data security and availability, which is of utmost importance for Swiss companies. How does SwissDLT work?

How does SwissDLT work?

SwissDLT uses the proof-of-authority (POA) consensus mechanism. The software is based on the Ethereum Foundation client. This enables fast and efficient data processing while ensuring energy efficiency of the blockchain and compatibility with all EVM Chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Fantom and many more.

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