Add a token

There are 3 different types of tokens.

Native tokens, on SwissDLT the native currency is called BCTS (like Ether on the Ethereum Blockchain). You need them to create transactions on the blockchain, they are like stamps in the postal service or petrol in public transport. You used them with every transaction. Every transaction (sending stuff) has a cost that is paid with native tokens.

fungible tokens (FT), like USD, Community Tokens, or Voting Tokens. These tokens are all the same. It does not matter which USD token you have every USD has the same value.

nonfungible tokens (NFT) these tokens are unique. Every token is different, they can represent collectibles like gaming trading cards, seats in an airplane or football stadium, or trees in an orchard.

The native tokens are always listed in your wallet. The other tokens you have to list yourself. In order to list the token you have to know its identifier which is an address. If you want to add the TestToken (TTK) for example you have to know and import the token in the wallet. If you know the address simply copy and paste it and import it into metamask. If you have done that you can send this TestToken from your wallet.

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