SwissDLT has overcompensated its carbon footprint and is nature netPositive


Currently there are 12 signer nodes and over 20 archive nodes. They are all based in Switzerland in various datacenters all using green energy so that the CO2 footprint factually is zero. Let's assume this would not be the case: If we use figures of goClimate we would assume a CO2 footprint of

  • Emissions from production of servers for use on premise: 320 kg CO2e/year

  • Emissions from production of servers for use in cloud (since 50% is manufactured for use in cloud): 160 kg CO2e/year

  • Emissions from green power consumption: 0 kg CO2e/year

  • Emissions from non-green consumption for premise power or self-managed servers: 1760,3 kWh / year * 0,37199 CO2e / kWh = 655 kg CO2e

  • From non-green cloud power consumption: 1760.3 kWh / year * 0,37199 CO2e / kWh * 0,5 = 327 kg CO2e

We also assume a power consumption for a cloud VM of 230 Watts for the signer nodes and a power consumption of 20 Watts for an archive node VM.


Energy consumtion:

12 signer servers: 2.76 kW

20 archive nodes: 0,4 kW

Energyconsumtion total 3.16 kW

Carbon footprint worst case 3.16 * 0,655 = 2.07 tons CO2e


We compensated 3 tons of nature based solutions CO2 onchain with Toucan here is the proof of retirement.


Even though the server run in serverfarm with green energy that is already CO2 neutral we calculated a potential worst case footprint of 2 tons and compensated 3 tons. So that the SwissDLT infrastructure is overcompensating and hence netPositive.

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