If you are a total beginner try the email-analogy. In order to send and receive an email you need an email program (Outlook or something similar) and an email provider (Hotmail, Gmail, GMX, or others). In order to receive digital stuff on the blockchain you need a wallet (=email program) and you need to set up the blockchain (email provider). Like having an email address with an @ somewhere you need a wallet address e.g. starting with 0x. If you have this you can start sending and receiving digital stuff (tokens) from your wallet. In order to use SwissDLT you need to use a wallet, which is software that connects to the blockchain. This wallet creates an account (wallet address) for you from which you can send stuff and which can be used to receive stuff. We recommend the most used wallet metamask.

Download and install the software called Metamask you can do this as a browser plugin for your computer or as a mobile app.

Now you need to connect it to SwissDLT. Go to

> settings > network > add network > manually add new network

Type in these parameters below and you are good to go

Network name: SwissDLT-Mainnet RPC-URL: https://rpc.swissdlt.ch ID: 94 Symbol: BCTS Blockexplorer: https://explorer.swissdlt.ch/

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